Trentside Baptist Church

When & How Will Trentside Re-Open Sunday Morning Services?



On Monday, June 8, Premier Doug Ford announced that as of Sunday, June 14, places of worship will be once again allowed to hold services at up to 30% of a building’s occupancy rate. We recognize that many of us are anxious to resume our Sunday morning gatherings as soon as possible; we also recognize many of us are hesitant and do not yet feel safe to meet together, even in a reduced capacity. 


The Trentside leadership takes the safety of our congregation very seriously, and in no way do we want to unnecessarily rush back to meeting together and risk the health of our people. 


At present we DO NOT have a firm return date for our morning services, but we will share and celebrate that date once we have the confidence that we can provide the safest worship environment possible.


This document is to meant to outline the safety commitments Trentside will strive to have in place, as well as give insight into what you can expect when you return to the building once services resume:


Commitments for Safety


  • Both sites will receive a professional cleaning and disinfection of the entire buildings

  • We will ensure that we have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all of our volunteers

  • Upon entering the building, every person must make use of a disinfectant station

  • Attendees will be encouraged to wear face masks (though, not mandatory); volunteers and participants will wear masks unless they are leading or teaching from the stage

  • Before and after each service we will disinfect, to the best of our ability, all applicable surfaces

  • Our worship environments will be oriented in such a way that will maintain physical distance requirements

  • There will be no refreshments

  • There will not be a printed bulletin (the bulletin will be available digitally)

  • Each site will be responsible to have a Hospitality & Sanitization team in place every Sunday. The duties of this team will include:

                    ◦       Monitor the entrance and exit of all guests

                    ◦       Monitor the physical distancing requirements within the different areas of the church

                    ◦       Monitor sanitation stations

      ◦       Help with the disinfecting of building before and after services

                    ◦       Take attendance of who has been in the building

  • Before opening up for services, each site will operate a run-through of these requirements to assure confidence both for the volunteers and for those attending

  • Regular Trentside attendees will be required to register for each service they plan to attend, making sure we will not exceed our legal capacity; also, some spots will be left open so visiting guests may still attend



Commitments for our Services


We know that once we return to our building, at least for the time being, our service will not look like, or operate as it did before the shutdown, but here are few things you can expect:


  • Trentside Online services will continue (including DVD’s). This way we are still providing options for our congregation

  • We will aim to move from a pre-recorded service format to true live-streaming

  • Initially, our services will not include nursery and children’s ministry until we believe we can also provide proper safety precautions for our children and children’s workers

  • Our services will remain under an hour in length, recognizing the number of families who are worshipping together. This will also allow adequate time to volunteers to disinfect the building

  • We will use minimal volunteers to maintain physical distance requirements on stage and to allow more congregants to attend

  • To help increase our capacity we will also aim to provide overflow seating, where people can watch via a live stream

  • Time for socializing before and after services will be limited, specifically to help allow proper transition and cleaning between and after services



What is the reality of our buildings at 30% capacity?


Current 30% Seating Capacity

Fenelon Falls


Auditorium Seating

200 x 30% = 60

120 x 30% = 36


100 x 30% = 30

60 x 30% = 18

Total Seating

300 x 30% = 90

180 x 30% = 54




Worship Team



Tech Team



Sanitation/Welcome Team



Remaining Capacity per Service





We recognize that once we return together, we will not be under ideal circumstances, but we also know the church has a long history of dealing with far worse, and instead of hurting the church, tough circumstances have always made the church stronger and more united.  Thank you for your patience in this process.


We pray in the midst of this global health pandemic, that God, in His grace, will grow us and unite us together, for the glory of His Name and for the Glory of his Church!