Trentside Baptist Church



Trentside Baptist Church was first organized as Fenelon Falls and Verulam (Bobcaygeon) Regular Baptist Church, on the 30th day of September, 1857.  Both locations of this above named church were first administered from the Blythe Farm location, and later from Fenelon Falls, both sharing the same pastors up to 1888.

A mutual decision in 1862 resulted in dividing the congregation into two works.  Thus, one Regular Baptist Church, held at two locations, became two separate churches, named Fenelon Falls Regular Baptist Church and Bobcaygeon Regular Baptist Church.  Both churches flourished well and shared pastors from 1862 to 1888, and later with Scotch Line Baptist Church from 1876 to 1888.

The minister would preach the morning service at Fenelon Falls, then travel to Scotch Line for an afternoon service, then finally the evening service at Bobcaygeon.  Travel would be by horse and buggy over roads of questionable conditions, through all kinds of weather, and dealing with rough road conditions, pests, and insects.


In Fenelon, public services were first held in Blythe School until 1869 when on December 28th of that year the congregation met in their new chapel on Queen Street in the village of Fenelon Falls.   Eventually the time came when it was necessary to erect a new building, as the old one had become inadequate. On January 26th, 1907, under the leadership of Pastor A. Cooke, a new church on Colborne Street was publicly dedicated to the glory of the Lord and the furtherance of the Gospel. Behind the building, a driving shed was constructed to house the horses and buggies or cutters while the congregation was meeting. In the early 1920's, the parsonage, which was beside the church, had to be torn down and a new house was constructed on the same site. Both the church and the parsonage became known for their sawdust burning furnaces with voracious appetites for fuel. The appearance of the building was changed during the 1960s and 1970s when three additions added Christian Education space, a nursery, washrooms, and a larger foyer.

In Bobcaygeon, worship services were held in homes, McConnel’s Tavern, Taylor’s Hall, and over Featherstone and Forbert stores until 1879.  In the fall of 1878, construction began on a new church building and it opened in early October, 1879.  A parsonage was built on Sherwood Street in 1937, and in 1963, a larger Bible School building replaced the smaller, older one.  


The Lord blessed both works from the very beginning.  The records testify that a great number found the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and many confessed their Lord in the waters of baptism. 

In December of 2014, the leadership of Fenelon Falls Baptist Church was approached by Village Baptist Church in Bobcaygeon to consider the possibility of a rebirth/merger with their congregation. After much prayer and consideration, it was decided through unanimous vote, that we would begin the official process of celebrating the history and ministry of Village Baptist and rebirthing a new work in Bobcaygeon under the name Trentside Church.

We continue to be a group of Christian believers who have agreed to travel together on our spiritual pilgrimage through life.  We meet together to worship God and to be instructed in the Bible, recognizing that it is the divine word of the Lord Jesus Christ and that it is our sufficient standard for what we believe and how we live.  None of us have "arrived" spiritually.  We still have more to learn about our God and how our living can continually express worship to Him.  We are trying to make our faith to Him relevant to our daily living.

BobChurch  We have also agreed to care for each other through prayer and brotherly love.  We want to share each other's celebrations and we will support each other in the rough experiences of life. Our concerns go beyond ourselves.  There are many people in or world who need to hear the good news that eternal salvation is available by the grace of God through faith in the Lord Jesus  Christ.  We try to reach out in love and with service to all.   

We want our faith and obedience to grow and increase for the ultimate goal of magnifying our great God and Saviour.  We would invite you to come along with us to discover the way to more abundant living.