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    Pray for All

    1 Timothy 2:1 August 21, 2020 by Pastor Matt Hayden

    Maybe like me, you are challenged by that word all. All means all, all the time. But let’s be honest that many of us, we don’t always pray for all people. We pray for people, but there are many people who do not make our prayer list.  There are people who need prayers, that we do not know about or feel we want to pray for. There are people who are not close to us that we don’t pray for. Paul here in his writing to Timothy, urges him and us the Church, to pray for all people. So, how do we connect what we do with what we should be doing?

    First off we are to never exclude anyone from our time of prayer with God. No matter who it is, all people need prayer. You and I we need prayer. We should not discriminate against anyone with our prayers. Whether it's people we like or not, we should be willing to pray for them. Whether we personally know them or not, we should be willing to pray for them. Whether they are people we agree with or not, we should be willing to pray for them.

    Anyone that the Lord leads you to pray for, you should pray for. The next question to ask is then how should we pray for them?

    Well we can look at the way Paul prayed for the church. Read his prayers in Philippians, Colossians, and Ephesians. It’s a wonderful way to pray for one another. Paul tells Timothy to ask for God’s mercy on them.  

    We should always want others to come to know the Lord, and to be growing in their knowledge and understanding of God. We can pray that others will respond to God’s love and mercy as we have done, and choose to follow Him as their Lord and Saviour.

    As we pray for others, we need to do it with a thankful heart. We should be thankful for our own salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit within us. We are to be thankful for the opportunities God gives us to play a part in seeing others come to Jesus and have their lives changed forever.

    We can give thanks to the Lord for those who respond to Jesus and make Him Lord of their lives. We in our prayer time can thank the Lord for His goodness in our lives, and we must keep in the practice of thanking Him for His mercy and love for us. We are to thank Him for the opportunities He gives to us to partner with Him in seeing salvation come to those around us. To be thankful that we can be in prayer for others.

    What a blessing it is to be able to pray for others. What joy can come into our lives through praying for others.

    Will you pray for all?

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